Our New Clubroom



Here are some images of what our new clubroom and extension might look like, prepared by Karen Manning.  These plans have been agreed in principle by the Trustees, they are just waiting for the final quote from the builders and a cash flow estimate for the next 2 years before giving the final go-ahead for the work.  We hope that the build will start in earlyJuly and will have progressed enough for riding to  start again in September. The project is being managed by Willi Verdon-Smith and Katie Bowell for RDA and  they will be able to answer any questions you may have.

This is the plan view showing what will be the main entrance for riders leading into the enlarged clubroom.


To the top left is the treatment/quiet room.


The (illustrative!) white sofas are where the kitchen currently is, to help orientate you.

An oblique view of the enlarged clubroom , showing the new entrance door to the bottom left

An oblique view of the clubroom showing how it might be re-configured for meetings such as the AGM!

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