While our volunteers are the lifeblood of the RDA, we can't survive without a steady income.


Fundraising events run by our fantastic supporters make up a vital part of our income.

Why not hold your own fundraising event?

We will support you in every way we can including providing a Just Giving  page. 


Here are some ideas - the list is endless (with thanks from JustGiving):


Be brave
Facing one of your fears is a great way to show people that you’re serious about raising money 

Do a skydive or bungee jump
Hold a spider (argh!)
Perform at an open mike night
Go without makeup for a month

Be creative
If you’re the artistic type then why not put your talent to good use when you’re fundraising? Ask for donations in exchange for your homemade crafts or entry to an event.

Sell crafts in exchange for donations

Put on a gig, concert, performance or play
Take part in a 24-hour paint, dance or knitathon
Organise a bake sale


Be active

Taking part in an organised sports challenge like a marathon, bike ride or swimathon is a great way to raise money, but how do you make your event stand out from the crowd?

Ask your supporters to guess your finish time (no pressure!)
Let people vote for a hilarious costume you’ll have to wear on the day
Film some funny clips from your training sessions to share on social media
Write a blog so friends and supporters can follow your progress

Be social 
Fundraising should be fun, so gather your best mates (and anyone else who wants to come along…) and ask for donations in exchange for entry into your awesome party, dinner or event. 

Set up a dining club
Organise a movie night
Put on a coffee morning
Host a barbeque

Maybe a sponsored silence, walk, parachute jump!
The possibilities are endless.


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