Our Horses


Our sixteen happy ponies and horses come in all shapes and sizes and are selected for their calm temperament and patience with our riders.


It costs a lot of money each year to keep a horse for the RDA.  If you would like to sponsor £500 a year towards the upkeep of a horse or £300 for a pony and make a big difference please click here.

Or you might like to adopt a pony and become involved this way - it makes a great gift!



Chamois  Palimino gelding.  Likes to be the boss in the field

Frankie  Cute little grey mare.  Loves attention

Luka  Highland grey gelding.  Loves his food


March has the sweetest nature in the business but his brain has two functions: Food and more food

Mr Blue used to belong to Andrew Lloyd Webber so he thinks he should always have a starring role!

Oliver won a lot of ribbons in his youth and would like you to make sure you don’t forget that!

Poppy is a great favourite! She is very dainty but still has great stamina.

Spangles’ lovely colouring makes her stand out from the crowd.

Tinker   isn’t one to share his hay in the field!!  Has been known to take a nap in the middle of a ride!

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