Our Horses


Our sixteen happy ponies and horses come in all shapes and sizes and are selected for their calm temperament and patience with our riders.


It costs a lot of money each year to keep a horse for the RDA.  If you would like to sponsor £500 a year towards the upkeep of a horse or £300 for a pony and make a big difference please click here.

Or you might like to adopt a pony and become involved this way - it makes a great gift!



Bertie A 13.2hh piebald pony with 2 blue eyes. He enjoys the slower pace of life here and is very happy to join in with all activities. A confidence giver to all who ride him.

Drifter is a spotted pony that has lost his spots. When he was young he was very spotty but as he got older they have faded, although you can see the spots close to his skin. He is a very cool Dude - a bit like a cowboy pony.

He loves to prance and gallop around the field showing off. He is very careful with his riders and loves some fuss and cuddles. In the summer he can get sunburnt on his nose. In the winter he grows a very thick coat.

Frankie  Cute little grey mare.  Loves attention

Frodo is a mare who has been very busy in her life taking care of lots of people on the hunting field to the riding school. She is a great nanny to nervous riders as she is steady and safe. She loves carrots and treats.


She used to have a short mane but now it is long and looks very pretty. She does not like to pick up her hind feet!

Maisie is a superstar. She has been there and got the T-shirt! She is very forward going and loves to trot, she also walks very fast. Her coat is so fine, it's like silk. She lives in the field with Frodo and gets upset when her friend is not with her.

She can be grumpy when you do up her girth but she is just telling you to do it gently. A very sweet mare.  

March has the sweetest nature in the business but his brain has two functions: Food and more food

Mary A 12 has roan mare. She is a sweet pony to be ridden, but can pull faces at adults if she feels they deserve it.


Nobby is a noble horse. He has a very sweet, kind nature and loves a fuss and cuddle. He will lick your hand and nuzzle through your pockets in case you have a treat. He used to be a hunter and can gallop very fast. He is very happy to listen to his rider and is very straightforward. He lunges very well and understands what you want his to do. He loves it when you tell him he is a 'good boy'.

Ollie is a very handsome horse. He is a very gentle, sensitive boy. When asked to do something 

Poppy is a great favourite! She is very dainty but still has great stamina.

Puzzle is our Prince. He is a fantastic cob and a sweet boy who is sociable and always up for a chat if you walk past his field.He used to be a hunter but now likes the much slower pace of life. Parcel does not like flies so we often ride him in a fly mask and give a fly mask and give him garlic! He tries to do the right thing at all times. He loves a fuss and a cuddle but try not to touch his ears as he is not keen on that.

Smokey Joe A 14.1hh cob cross. A lovely interested pony with a genuine attitude and the sweetest expressions. He is forward going and easy to lead and a great favourite with the volunteers.

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